"Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field; I'll meet you there."

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field; I'll meet you there.
"When this Rumi poem spoke to us from the pages of a book several years ago, we did not consider its global implications. We just knew that we could relate to the concept in our own hearts. From there emerged the music and songs in  Out Beyond Ideas, which draw from the unifying words of Rumi and other ancient mystics from the world's faith traditions, such as Hafiz, Tukaram, HaLevi and St. John of the Cross, to lift the hearts of people everywhere in a powerful call for peace."

David Wilcox and Nance Pettit

Have you seen enough images of warfare, genocide, famine and strife?

You aren't alone. Singer-songwriters  David Wilcox and Nance Pettit felt the same sense of helpless frustration - how is it possible to overcome the vast disconnect from all that is good in our lives? How to respond with love to bring hope from what we have?

There is hope for peace.

In the course of creating this CD, David and Nance discovered an incredible fact: Despite the headline-grabbing wars and daily terrorist atrocities, the number and intensity of violent conflicts globally has dropped by more than half since the early 90's, even including acts of terrorism. There are now also more democracies (more than double the number of autocracies) and more successfully negotiated conflict settlements in the world since 1990 than at any time in the history of nation states - and they are lasting longer.

Professor John Davies, from the University of Maryland's Center for International Development and Conflict Management,CIDCM which tracks all these events and trends, says this is not an accident. Most conflict, in your community or on a national or international level, follows predictable patterns. If you know the patterns, societal violence and even state failure become easier to anticipate and prevent from happening. They've developed revolutionary methods for predicting when and where such violence is going to occur, tested at 80-90% accuracy, which gives time to act to stop violence early, or even to prevent it before life is lost.

Davies and his team in the University's  Partners in Conflict and Partners in Peacebuilding program have also developed groundbreaking approaches for responding to these high risk situations, through mediating formal and informal peace agreements which engage and include people at every level of society. They've used these techniques of "multi-track diplomacy" successfully since the 80's to help prevent or stop violence in some of the hottest areas on the globe, to help smooth out transitions to democracy, and to ensure peace and development is balanced and sustainable.  Davies has gone further to document the direct impact of large meditating groups in several countries in reducing violence and promoting peacebuilding.

Click here to listen to interview excerpts with John Davies explaining more about the work of the Partners project.

What does all of this have to do with music?

"Our work and David and Nance's artistry share a great deal," says John Davies, who co-directs Partners in Conflict. "The title lyric on their new album begins, 'Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field, I'll meet you there.' That 'field' is where we aim to bring opposing parties in our mediations. The process is designed to empower them to work as partners, understanding and addressing the human needs of both sides that drive conflict, rather than stalemating over who is right, or who is most to blame."

David and Nance decided that all of the proceeds of this album would benefit the Partners program.  An extraordinary cast of folks have given their time and their hearts to this project, because of the hope it represents for all of us, personally and globally. What's more, this website is more than just information; it was designed as a way for you to join in the peacebuilding efforts of the Partners projects.

What can I do to help build Peace?

1. The music
The album is full of captivating, extraordinary music set to lyrics written by mystical poets from many different traditions. Just listening to the music itself creates peace in your heart, and music is a proven method of peacebuilding that has been used in the course of the Partners projects during intense mediations in Africa.

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Give the gift of peace - we have a bulk purchase option for you, your organization or company to purchase, at a discount, quantities of the CD to use as gifts.  Click here for more details.

2. Spread the word
Building peace can be easier than you think. But, it takes everyone to bring it about. Help to spread the word, and, if you are inspired, get involved with the Partners in Conflict and Partners in Peacebuilding.

Click here to learn about donations, volunteer efforts, and training intensives.  

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Click here to send us an email if you belong to, or know of, an organization or congregation that would like to host an Out Beyond Ideas performance by David and Nance.  They are currently traveling the country together for the next year and we are adding performances where ever we are able.  Giving folks a chance to hear this music and learn about the Partners project is the goal of these events.

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